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Profitable Home Based Business

So you want to start a profitable home based business, but you want it to be profitable quickly. While most business do take a period of time to become profitable, there are some businesses that allow you to break-even faster than others. Here are the top 5 home based businesses in which you can break even in two months to one year:Profitable Home Based Business #1: Business Plan Writer – While others have great business ideas, they may not be the best at putting together a winning business plan. If you have a good combination of writing skills, business expertise, and creativity you can use them to create a profitable home based business. You will most likely be working for entrepreneurs that are seeking loans and investors, so you will need to understand how to create a plan that effectively relays strategies, market position, financial needs, and start-up costs.Your start-up costs, though, will be very low. You will basically need to purchase liability insurance to cover any predictions that do not come to fruition. Yet you can earn anywhere from $2,000 to $25,000 per project.Profitable Home Based Business #2: Public Relations – Do you have great social skills and an ability to promote things? Then starting up a public relations company may be right for you. The possibilities are endless in the niches you can fill. Some public relations firms focus on government affairs, lobbying, media, public affairs, publicity, advertising, and more. You should try and invest in professional accreditation, and your own promotional ability can lead to incomes ranging between $65,000 and $175,000. There is little overhead with a maximum of 20 to 40 percent of your income making this a profitable home based business.Profitable Home Based Business #3: Financial Planner – If you have some finance experience, you can get the qualifications needed to become a certified financial planner. In this position you will help people make informed decisions as to what they should do with their money and investments. While a broker looks mainly at stocks, you would be looking at a person’s whole financial pictures. You should look into what areas of financial planning you want to focus on and get certified, as it will help you build clients. It is also a good idea to take continuing education classes. Still, your expected income could be in the range of $40,000 to $90,000 per year.Profitable Home Based Business #4: Personal Chef – Got a knack for creating healthy and tasty meals? Then you may want to consider starting a personal chef business. Many people are too busy today to do their own cooking, and hiring someone to cook meals for $7 to $8 per meal is much cheaper than going out to eat. The job takes a budget conscious and creative cook, but many personal chefs have a profitable home based business making anywhere from $3,000 to $4,000 per month.Read the rest of the article here – Profitable Home Based Business.

How to Know If You Have What it Takes to Be a Home Based Business Owner Answer These 7 Questions

Do you have a home based business or want to start a home based business? Who wouldn’t want to have large amounts of cash pouring in to their bank account from their home office? Who wouldn’t want thousand of loyal customers, to sell products and services to, from the convenience of their home? Who wouldn’t want more time with their family?This is the joy of having and operating a home based business. There are literally thousands and thousands of people who make money at home and have the quality of life you are looking for. What does it take to be successful at your home based business? Are you the type of person who is ready for a home based business venture? If you are working a job right now and want to transition into having a home based business or if you want to improve your current home base business what does it take?Answer these 7 questions and grade yourself on how you are doing right now. These questions are about how you can improve your business output. Grade yourself on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest) Be as honest as you can it will help you become more successful with your home based business aspirations. Get your paper and pen and let’s begin.Do you have a big vision?
I have a big vision that drives and keeps me excited about my home based business. I am very excited all the time about my vision and my business. I have written my big vision on paper where I can see it. I know why I work my home based business and I know who it will benefit when I am as successful and produce my vision. Grade yourself 1 to 10Do you have a big business community network that you work with?
I understand that my network = my net worth. I have a lot of business colleagues that I work with on a daily basis. We utilize and share information so that we can, find untapped markets, open new territories, bring in new customers over night and generate website traffic and share profits. We do not need the help of a bank loan or line of credit to run our home based business. We utilize joint venture strategies to help us all succeed as entrepreneurs. I don’t feel as if I work alone, I am part of a community of entrepreneurs who work together. Grade yourself 1 to 10Do you have strong self-command?
I do not let any news or challenges stop me from my home based business goals. No one has command over my feelings but me. I tell myself uplifting inspiring thoughts about my ability to run a business from my home everyday. I focus only on the out come I want for me and my family. I spend part of everyday visualizing my big vision and my end results. I follow through on what I say I am going to do that day. Grade yourself 1-10Do you have a place you can go to get new customers or clients?
When I need new clients I utilize my business community network and am introduced to someone who has a big data base, full of thousands of customer, who is looking for a new product to market to that data base. We create a joint venture and I provide that new product. I receive new clients as well as splitting the profits between myself and my business colleague. I joint venture twice a month so that I build my home base business quickly. Grade yourself 1 to 10Are you a possibility thinker?
I do not spend time worrying, complaining or fearing about what to do with my home base business. I take action. I am a solution seeker. When I run up against an unknown problem I will explore options and implement those tools and solutions that will catalyze my home base business dreams. I do not indulge in limited negative thinking. I do not let other use lack, limited or negative thinking around me either. I am open to all possibilities and solutions. Grade yourself 1 to 10Are you organized with your day?
I make a list of what I need to get done for the next day, the night before. I work a schedule just as I would if I were an employee, whether I work full time or part time at my home based business. I make my hourly schedule of when I will work and I stick to it. I know where all my files, papers and tools I will need are. I work effectively during the hours I set aside to work my home based business. I work at the things that will generate cash for me and my family.Do you utilize marketing strategies that are low cost and effective?
I run my home based business lean and mean. I do not use my resources to buy unnecessary marketing or advertising products when I can joint venture instead. I keep my costs down and my profits high. I know how to get supper affiliates to sell my product at no cost. I know how to optimize the referral market. I do not pay for leads or buy lists hoping to find clients. Grade yourself 1 to 10The lowest score is a 7 the highest is a 70. You can see by the score and number where you need to improve your home based business skill sets. If you are starting your home based business or scored in the 7 to 55 range you may want to improve your business by learning about what a joint venture is and how you can explode your home based business sales using that tool.Here is my last challenge to you. Give this test to your spouse and ask them to grade you without any reprisal from you. Then together you are on the same page and can explode your home base business dreams together. Sometimes just finding better solutions can help your home based business thrive.